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Companhia das Culturas is a Sustainable and Organic Agroturism: 40 hectares of stone pines, cork oaks and carob trees, apricots and figs, olive oil and a vegetable garden, in the southeastern corner of the Algarve, on the neighbourhood of Castro Marim Nature Reserve. Home to unwinding days and warm breezes.

Located next to the Spanish border and 1.5 km from Praia Verde, 4 km from the historic village of Castro Marim and 6 km from the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve, Companhia das Culturas embraces the warm climate and spirit of the South.







Recovered from an old Agricultural House in the hands of the family for several generations, Companhia das Culturas refers to a time of retreat and relaxation in perfect harmony with nature. The property also boasts one of the few Hamans in the country, perfect for a massage in a unique setting, plus a Cork Box - fully cork-lined - perfect for yoga.


With 9 rooms and 4 apartments, the result of the refurbishment of the old Casa Agrícola where lime, cuddled cement and cork prevail, the interiors continue the same language of recovery, and combine furniture and objects of different times and styles.


The food and beverage at Companhia das Culturas is supported by Kilometer 0 and the Dieta Portuguesa Sulitania, with its Mediterranean nature. Everything served has a local character and honors the traditional cultures of this area. At Petiscaria Tal e Qual you can enjoy also some snacks.The area surrounding the hotel offers some of the best dining options in the south of the country, so you certainly won't go hungry!


Companhia das Culturas is set in the village of S. Bartolomeu de Castro Marim surrounded by the Guadiana mats and marshes, 1.5 km from the Serra, the other from Praia Verde and 5km from Ria Formosa. The property encourages and develops walking and hiking with accompanied programs. In addition, the almost untouched beaches of the eastern Algarve will leave you surrendered to its beauty and nature. The property is 30mn away from Faro airport.

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